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The Take a Friend Snowmobiling Campaign is all about introducing non-snowmobilers to our winter recreation of choice. Research shows that people WANT to go snowmobiling but don’t know HOW to get started. By planning a ride, we take the guess work out of it for those that might not try it any other way. Buying a snowmobile is a great investment so if we can show people how to get started properly, they might be more inclined to join us in our clubs, associations, and on the trails or in the mountains and open riding areas. 
The Oregon State Snowmobile Association is an organization of individuals, snowmobile clubs, and businesses working together to preserve, protect, and enhance the sport of snowmobiling. OSSA was formed in 1972 by a small group of snowmobilers concerned about our sport. The Association saw a need for better, safer, and more scenic trails and recognized the public demand for a better trail system.

OSSA has grown to 30 snowmobile clubs, 25 of which are grooming clubs. OSSA manages the grooming program under agreement with ODOT, and in cooperation with local snowmobile clubs. Last season dedicated snowmobilers volunteered more than 28,000 hours maintaining our 6,000 mile trail system. Our groomer operators logged more than 31,000 miles of trail groomed. All clubs participate in trail clearing and trail maintenance. Oregon's snowmobile program is recognized throughout North America as a model of volunteer accomplishment.

OSSA snowmobilers patricipate in many diverse activities. An organization we are proud to be involved with is the Candlelighters. OSSA contributes to a co-op law-enforcement program with eight county sheriff's departments. Safety Certification classes are scheduled throughout the state to promote safe snowmobiling. Our snowmobilers build snow shelters for the enjoyment of all winter recreationists. We provide representation for legislative issues at the state and national level. OSSA promotes safe, responsible snowmobiling and proper recreational land use.

Thousands of acres of prime snowmobiling are lost to Wilderness designation.  The support and vigilance of all snowmobilers is needed to stop this growing expansion.  Join us and make a difference. Help us keep you on the snow.

Spread the word.....*snowmobilers leave no trace*
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