Snowmobilers are Environmentalists!

We have said it for years, Snowmobilers are Environmentalists!  In fact we’ve circulated thousands of bumper stickers with that slogan — to remind others.

And snowmobilers are among the very best of land stewards.

We take care of our property, our trails and others property.  

And included in that undertaking is taking care of other’s trash.

Do these photos look like a snowmobile trail?

Although this trash was obviously not hauled out by a snowmobile — the snowmobilers will clean it up.  Because that’s what we do!  That’s what makes us the outstanding land stewards that we are.  
Keep up the good work… does not go unnoticed! And document work like this, take pictures, take note of the truckloads or weight.  You never know when that data might be useful!

Be Safe This Holiday!

Snowmobilers are recreationists!  We can enjoy the sun and heat just as much as the cold and snow.  Be safe this holiday weekend and recreate safely and responsibly.

Most people across the United States have been cooped up the last few months and are anxious to get out.  Spending time with friends and family in the great outdoors is very important.  

Be smart —  Be Safe!  But do take some downtime and get outdoors and have fun!

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