Emissions from Wildfire?? WOW!!

California’s 2020 Wildfire Emissions Akin to 24 Million Cars

California’s 2020 wildfire season thwarted the state’s fight against climate change, spewing enough carbon dioxide into the air to equal the emissions of millions of passenger vehicles driving over the course of a year.

Those roughly 9,600 fires burned nearly 4.2 million acres, killed 31 people, and emitted an estimated 112 million metric tons of carbon dioxide, according to a California Air Resources Board report released Dec. 31.

The number is akin to the greenhouse gas emissions of 24.2 million passenger cars driving in a single year, according to a calculator from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

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BRP Wins 3 Design Awards

Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) ended 2020 on a high note with three wins at the prestigious Good Design USA Awards. The 3 winning products include the Ski-Doo Expedition Xtreme, Sea-Doo GTI, and Can-Am Spyder RT.

“We’re thrilled to have been recognized with 13 awards in 2020. This is a huge accomplishment for our teams, and I’d like to highlight the dedication and innovative spirit of everyone at BRP,” said Denys Lapointe, Senior Vice-President of Design, Innovation and Creative Services at BRP. “This year saw many people take refuge in the outdoors with the help of BRP’s products, and we look forward to seeing a continuation of this trend in 2021.”

Fire Management Executive Order

An Executive Order (EO) was recently signed by the President to establish a Wildland Fire Management Policy Committee.

According to the EO: Section 1. Purpose. Federal wildland fire management lacks a single focal point of responsibility for policy leadership and accountability for cost controls. While executive departments and agencies (agencies) have implemented Executive Order 13855.

This will promote Active Management of America’s Forests, Rangelands, and Other Federal Lands To Improve Conditions and Reduce Wildfire Risk to continue to improve interagency coordination.

Carbon Offset Market is Changing

The markets where sequestered carbon are bought and sold, including California’s “cap and trade” market, are only available to forest landowners with tens of thousands of acres, due to the high costs of quantifying and verifying projected carbon sequestration in trees.

However, a variety of groups are ramping up efforts to open up the multi-billion dollar carbon offset market to small forest landowners. They want their efforts to financially boost small landowners while also enlisting more corporate polluters to mitigate the harmful effects of climate change on the nation’s most forested state.

That’s because large companies, including Amazon and Disney, are willing to pay landowners for tree growth in order to offset their own carbon emissions.

In December, Maine Governor Janet Mills called for the formation of a group to develop a voluntary forest carbon program. The program would provide financial incentives for the state’s 86,000 woodland owners with between 10 and 10,000 acres to “increase carbon storage in Maine’s forests” while “maintaining current timber harvest levels.”

BP is planning to launch programs in 2021 that will combine smaller forest landowners’ property into large offset projects.

Wildfires Produced up to 50% of Pollution in Western US

Wildfire smoke accounted for up to half of all health-damaging small particle air pollution in the western U.S. in recent years as warming temperatures fueled more destructive blazes, according to a study released Monday.

Even as pollution emissions declined from other sources including vehicle exhaust and power plants, the amount from fires increased sharply, said researchers at Stanford University and the University of California, San Diego. Their findings underscore the growing public health threat posed by climate change as it contributes to catastrophic wildfires such as those that charred huge areas of California and the Pacific Northwest in 2020.

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