ACSA, the American Council of Snowmobile Associations
“The Future is in Your Hands”
Will public and private lands remain open for our sport in the future? Long term
use of the lands is no longer certain. Only the unified voice of the entire snowmobile
community will help to guarantee the continuation of our sport.
Let ACSA be that voice.
ACSA, the American Council of Snowmobile Associations, is a national organization
that was formed to unite the snowmobile community and
 To provide the communication link between the consumers, snowmobile
manufacturers, suppliers, and snowmobile tourism industry;
 To provide educational materials for the promotion of safe and responsible
 To provide information to increase public awareness, understanding and
appreciation of the sport of snowmobiling;
 To work with and educate federal government entities and diversified coalitions
to monitor legislative and regulatory initiative that will encourage equitable
treatment of snowmobiling, funding and maintenance of snowmobile trails;
 To provide member services and benefits;
 To work with our members to keep our sport a successful recreation.
Snowmobiling is enjoyed by millions and must be represented by a strong
national organization. ACSA is that organization.
This national organization is dependent on the continued involvement of
volunteers who enjoy snowmobiling as a form of outdoor recreation.
The continued involvement of volunteers is dependent on financial resources to
sustain that commitment.
ACSA is the national organization that is committed to the future preservation of
our sport. This organization is dependent on resources through partnerships within the
entire snowmobile industry.
Your contribution entitles you to:
 The ACSA E-Newsletter, to keep you up to date on snowmobiling issues across
the 25 snow belt states;
 Listing in the ACSA annual directory for Business Contributors & Partners;
 Reports from governmental agencies;
 Representation on national outdoor recreational coalitions.
Assure the future of snowmobiling, join ACSA Today.
Membership Application
American Council of Snowmobile Associations
Individual – $10 Family – $15 Club – $25 Business Contributor – $100
Business Partner – $250 Associate – $1000
Name: __________________________________________________________
Address: __________________________________________________________
Phone: ____________________________ Total Contribution: $ ___________
E-Mail address: _________________________________________________________
Remit to: ACSA, 271 Woodland Pass, Suite 216, East Lansing, MI 48823
(517) 351-4362 – (517) 351-1363 fax
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