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August 2017

ACSA is the 501(C)3 Charitable Organization Protecting your Rights to Access Federal Lands

American Council of SnowMobile Associations

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Greetings from ACSA and South Dakota

Greg Hiles here, newly elected president of ACSA. I live in De Smet, SD where my wife and I own and operate a transportation company. My title being bovine relocation specialist (aka cow hauler). Diane is the CFO and also works full time+ as a farm loan specialist. We share five daughters, five son-in-law's and six grandchildren. have snowmobiled since the mid-seventies and been involved with organized snowmobiling since 1995. I have served as an officer in our local club, a district director, president elect and president of SDSA before being elected as ACSA Vice President two years ago.Our local club consist of approximately 70 members and we maintain a 190 mile trail.

Just like many of you I have many snowmobile trip memories that can be shared along with a few that probably should not be shared!But all in all a strong passion for the sport of snowmobiling and the drive to ensure the sport continues for our grandchildren and their grandchildren.

So as I enter my first term as president I want to focus on the importance of access to public lands and the role that ACSA can have in that focus. Education is key all the way down to the local club member. Do your club members know what ASCA is and what ACSA does? I challenge each of you as members and each of you as club officers to get the word out to your local members.Go to the ACSA webpage - Click on the "About ACSA" to find out "Who is ACSA". Also click on "Membership Benefits" to find "Benefits of Joining".You will also find a Membership Application there.Print all three of these off and pass them out at your next club meeting.Of course you will want to collect the completed application form and the dues to go along with it and send that into the ACSA Office.As we all know - numbers do count. Let's build ACSA's numbers and work together for access to public lands for all of us to enjoy.

In return ACSA needs to know what's going on in your state. Please be sure to keep your State President, who in most cases is also your ACSA Board delegate, informed of your local issues and they in turn can keep the Chapter Chair and the ACSA Executive Board informed.

Communication is key to the success of your local club, your state organization as well as ACSA. Let's keep it open and coming! from both directions.

Outgoing ACSA President, Bob Kirchner and incoming President, Greg Hiles

Offers Safety Education

Resources and Training Materials

To help keep those riders educated and safe, the website—a collaboration between the American Council of Snowmobile Associations (ACSA), the U.S. Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the International Snowmobiler Manufacturers Association (ISMA)—has an extensive collection of safety education resources, avalanche education and information, training manuals and other resources available for snowmobilers, the general public, snowmobiling clubs, management agencies and land managers.

A main component of the safety resources page offers links to avalanche education providers and avalanche centers, providing up-to-the-minute weather reports, mountain and snow conditions and avalanche danger ratings.

"Snowmobile riding, especially in mountain regions, is an awesome way to see the grandeur of nature up close, but it is always important to remain vigilant about avalanches,” said Ed Klim, president of ISMA, "the website offers links to avalanche centers worldwide, which provide current terrain and weather conditions imperative to the safety of snowmobilers.”

The website also offers the Safe Riders! Safety Awareness Program, designed to educate riders on safe snowmobiling practices including preparing for a ride, hand signals, common trail signs, roadway hazards, how to get unstuck and how to survive an emergency on the trail or backcountry.

Additional safety resources available at www.snowmobileinfo.orginclude links to state agencies and organizations that provide snowmobile safety training.

In 2016, ACSA and the U.S. Federal Highway Administration extended their professional relationship with a new, five-year partnership to educate, unite and promote responsible snowmobiling in the United States. For more information, visit

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