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Happy New Years From Your American Council of Snowmobile Associations!

Many areas of the United States have been blessed with snow and many of us have had the opportunity to get out and ride -- or are busy making plans.


It is a good time to send reminders......for safety and access.


Know the Conditions.  Including avalanche conditions, ice conditions, trails/riding conditions.


Know Where You're Riding.  It takes relationships and years of work to obtain permission from land owners -- private, public or corporate.  It takes a few dumb moves to lose those privileges.


If the Property Is Posted -- Stay Out!  It does not matter if it's for Wildlife Habitat, Wilderness, or Private.


Be Considerate of Others -- and Their Property.  Don't race by homeowners with piped up exhaust at midnight.  Don't spin your tracks over landowners driveways.  Don't Litter!


Do Get Involved!  Join a Club!  Pay attention to trail issues!  Maybe there will be new trails proposed?  Write a letter -- or make a call.


These should be easy New Years Resolutions....and easy to stick to through at least the winter months!


—Christine Jourdain, Executive Director


Newfoundland Sledders Rescue Moose!

A moose in Newfoundland is back on the loose thanks to some experienced snowmobilers with shovels.  And they caught the rescue on video!  Jonathan Anstey, a rider with Sled core Outdoor Adventure & Lifestyle, said there was a group of seven out for a ride when they came upon the moose, who was stuck up to his neck in several feet of snow.

"It is very common to see quite a few moose during the winter months," said Anstey. "We saw several that day, but only that one stuck in a big hole and snow! They generally have a hard time getting around in winter due to the extreme snow depths, up to 160inches annually!"  The group grabbed their shovels and dug for about 15 minutes before the moose was freed and went on his way.

Raise your Hand if you Have Plenty of Volunteers!

We see and hear people (at all levels) talking about members and other riders, complaining about how they don’t volunteer, though they complain about a trail if there’s a single mogul on it.  While understandable, it might not be totally their fault.  Yeah, this is going to offend some people, but if we keep doing the same stuff, saying the same things, complaining about the same things and finding that we still have the same problems, isn’t it time we consider our approach?  Maybe it’s time to re-examine how we attack this issue.  From our experiences, some common problems crop up:

 Hey I have a new idea!  Listen to new ideas-give them some consideration.

Sign-up sheets.  When you have a sign-up sheet for a club work party, call everyone on the list that signed up. 

 You wasted their time.  When someone shows up for a work party, find them something to do.   People’s time is valuable.

Cliques.  Make an effort to welcome the new people that show up

Gravely Serious.    If you aren’t having fun, you are doing it wrong.  Have fun-it’s contagious….

Say Thank You.  Do it often, do it in public.  You have a much better chance to see them again if they know that you appreciate them.

Adapted from an Article written by Gary Broderick, Northeast Chapter Chair.  Full article here::

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